More Weblogic and Active Directory

As I mentioned in a previous post the app we are building requires LDAP authentication. We recently started beta testing the app and so there were more users accessing. We kept getting the following exception: oracle.ods.virtualization.service.VirtualizationException: oracle.ods.virtualization.engine.util.DirectoryException: LDAP Error 1 : No LDAP connection available to process request for DN: CN=user,OU=Root,DC=ourDC,DC=org,DC=host,DC=com.

Did a bit of research and turns out that we needed to increase the maxPoolSize and maxPoolChecks for our Active Directory LDAP providers in the adapters.os_xml file.

The effect of this is that we are able to have more connections to each provider and Weblogic will try longer before opening a new connection.

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