More Weblogic and Active Directory

As I mentioned in a previous post the app we are building requires LDAP authentication. We recently started beta testing the app and so there were more users accessing. We kept getting the following exception: oracle.ods.virtualization.service.VirtualizationException: oracle.ods.virtualization.engine.util.DirectoryException: LDAP Error 1 : No LDAP connection available to process request for DN: CN=user,OU=Root,DC=ourDC,DC=org,DC=host,DC=com.

Did a bit of research and turns out that we needed to increase the maxPoolSize and maxPoolChecks for our Active Directory LDAP providers in the adapters.os_xml file.

The effect of this is that we are able to have more connections to each provider and Weblogic will try longer before opening a new connection.

Global Catalog Query in Weblogic

The application that we are building with ADF requires Active Directory authentication. The directory we are querying is quite large and as such is split up.

Instead of setting up multiple providers just query the global catalog:

Be sure to use the GC port, 3268!

Use the correct port, 3268, or many wasted hours will be your prize.